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Grasses in Georgia – Landscaping Sod

Sod is grass that has already been planted.  It includes the soil beneath it that holds the roots together.  Sod is grown on specialist farms where it is harvested in standard sizes.  Sod can be used for golf courses, sports fields, and lawns.  Landscapers and homeowners rely on sod to establish a lawn quickly.  Besides the aesthetics, other benefits include reducing soil erosion and improving air quality.

There are a variety of grasses that work well in Georgia’s climate.  Georgia sod farms carry the following:

Bermuda grass is one of the primary grasses in the southern regions of the United States.  It is noted for its toughness and resilience.  It can tolerate tremendous heat and drought, from hot and humid areas to arid expanses.  Bermuda grass has an aggressive growth rate that allows it to withstand and recover quickly from heavy usage.  It will typically go dormant in the winter, during which time it will burn brown.  Drawbacks for Bermuda include lack of tolerance for cold weather and shade.

Zoysia grass is also well-suited for lawns in the southern areas of the United States.  A native of Asia, this perennial is a warm-season grass, meaning it will begin growing in late spring and peak during the heat of the summer.  It starts light to medium green but turns brown when it goes dormant.  Much like Bermuda, it is a tough grass that requires little maintenance and is known for surviving through a variety of challenges such as extreme heat, drought, and heavy foot traffic.  Compared to Bermuda, Zoysia will last longer before going dormant in the winter, as it is slightly more tolerant of cold weather.  Also, Zoysia is more accommodating of shade, although it much prefers the sun.  It is very dense and thick, which prevents weeds from penetrating.  In short, Zoysia is an ideal choice for those who live in the right location, want low maintenance, and have lots of foot traffic.

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